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Replay Andersonville on the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl

We are proud to welcome our newest player, Replay Andersonville, on their first year as part of the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl.

For you zombies who haven’t been to Replay yet … they got great food, a great selection of bourbons. And one of the best selection of beers on tap in Andersonville.

Replay Andersonville tap list

Replay Andersonville also has something else, something even better than the sweet taste of flesh … retro arcade games for free. Rampage, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac Man, and Cruisin’ USA are just some of the awesome 80s games you can play. Just don’t get too much blood on the console.

Take a look at Replay Andersonville’s selection of games. Ever want to play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker while dressed as a zombie in some weird deconstructed Thriller moment? Now is your chance.

Replay Andersonville is one of six bars on this year’s Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl. Visit our website to buy tickets.


zombie pub crawl discount

Go to Fantasy Costumes at 4065 N. Milwaukee Ave. for all your zombie face and zombie costume needs! They are offering a 20% discount on your entire purchase to anyone who mentions the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl at the register.

OR, use the promo code ZOMBIE2016 to get 20% your purchase online.

Fantasy Costumes will also have makeup artists available on-site at The pH Comedy Theater registration headquarters to do makeup for any crawlers who need it. They will charge a fee depending on the level of blood and gore that you want. If you need your makeup done by one of Fantasy Costume’s artists, then get to pH early!

Tickets for the 9th Annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl are available here.

9th annual chicago zombie pub crawl

Click here to buy tickets to the 9th Annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl.

This year’s 9th Annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl is co-presented by The pH Comedy Theater and the official beer of El Dia de Los Muertos, Modelo Especial! Each bar will be offering specials for Modelo Especial and more!


Six of Andersonville’s best bars have been selected for this year’s crawl. They are…







9th annual chicago zombie pub crawl

A zombie is useless on an empty stomach. And when a zombie drinks on an empty stomach, well, no one likes that.

So, our friends at Giordano’s Andersonville is offering a Zombie Lunch Special on the day of the Crawl. For just $10, Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl participants can get one cheese or 1 topping baby-pizza and a 20 oz. soft drink.

Seriously, eat before you crawl. Get a base in that insatiable undead tummy.


9th annual chicago zombie pub crawl group discount

Zombies travel in packs. Therefore we are offering a group discount to you and your horde. If you buy 5 or more tickets at once, you will get $5 off each ticket! So get a group together and take advantage of this undead deal!

This deal is just the thing for groups of friends that plan on crawling dressed according to a zombie theme like some of our past crawlers below.


If they only had some brrrrainnnnss…


This bachelorette party is even deadlier than most.

This bachelorette party is even deadlier than most.


Ms. Smith is gonna be pissed ... but she's probably dead.

Mrs. Smith is gonna be pissed … but she’s probably dead.

The discount will apply automatically when you register online.