The best thing to do when creating a zombie is to die and then come back from the dead, preferrably on a moist night (the ground is easiest to break through and it leaves some nice stains on the clothes). If you aren't dead then its best to think up a fun character and then "dead it up". Some of the more successful ones we have seen are (but not limited to) brides, cheerleaders, Mario, runners, lawyers, Hunter S Thompsons, etc. Feel free to click on the picture above for photos from our Flickr pages. Once you have your character head to the nearest thrift store and find appropriate clothing. Then tear up said findings, rub it in mud and fake blood and you've got a great zombie. We'll post some video tips too as we find them. Zombies are easy to make, because people die in all kinds of clothes.

Here's what this guy has to say, he definitely has some opinions on the matter:

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