ZPC 2014 FAQ
1. What should I wear to the Zombie Pub Crawl?
Consult our Costumes page for ideas for the ultimate zombie costume. Make sure its nothing you want to wear again, it will get filthy, bloody, and delightfully brainsy. Our best suggestion is to visit the fine folks at Chicago Costume, and tell them we sent you - they'll give you a 20% discount!

2. Will it be the same route this year?
It will still be in Andersonville up and down Clark St - The Call is the farthest North (at Bryn Mawr) and The Sofo Tap is the farthest South.

3. How much is it?
The Zombie Pub Crawl is $25 if you pre-register before the Crawl and $30 at the door on the day of, which includes a t-shirt and keepsake cup that you will need to take to all the bars. In addition, you will need money for as much beer or drinks and food as you want at each bar. (It is pay per drink, but we have amazing specials). This year we are including a VIZ (Very Important Zombie) Party at Ranalli's of Andersonville. Join us at 1PM for free pizza and great drink specials. Get signed up and registered early, get your makeup done before there's a big line - and get out on the Crawl quicker. Space is limited to the first 40 people and is only $40.

4. Can I get a t-shirt?
Yes, it is included in your registration fee. If you want additional t-shirts they are $10. Available while supplies last at the Crawl and at The pH Comedy Theater (1515 W. Berwyn Ave).

5. What are the hours of the Crawl?
We aren't your zombie mothers so we can't tell you when to go home, we suppose once you are full on human brains. However, the official hours for the crawl are 2PM-8PM. Still early enough to take off your zombie makeup and go cause some real trouble.

6. Can I bring kids, is it a family event?
No. There is no such thing as zombie children, no matter how much you argue. Its just gross.

7. What happens at 2PM?
That's when we start registering you, the earlier you get there the sooner you can get your BEER-AINS on. Unless you are part of our VIZ Party, then you get things rollin' at 1PM.

8. How do I become a zombie?
See our Tips & Tricks section, its a good primer.

9. Will the Zombie Pub Crawl provide free drinks?
No. Sorry, but there will be zombie drink and food specials!

10. Do I have to dress up?
You will need to have some assemblance of zombification to participate, we will have expert makeup artists there that can add a little blood and flesh to your face if that's all you want to do, but only zombies, and only zombies that register will get to take part in the crawl and more importantly the specials.

11. What bars are we going to?
Our bars this year are amazing. Some old goodies, and some new kids. The bars this year are (from North to South): The Call, The Brixton, Hamburger Mary's Rec Room, Hamburger Mary's Attic, @mosphere, Farraguts, Simon's Tavern, Konak and The Sofo Tap.

12. Where can I get zombie makeup and supplies?
There are several costume shops in Chicago that will be able to help - we recommend Chicago Costume for the best selection - AND a 20% discount when you mention you are with the CZPC.