1. What should I wear to the Zombie Pub Crawl?
Anything you want! Begin at “looking rather undead, bloody, and hungry.” Then, feel free to add on from there (or not!). We’ve had everything from Zombie Fred Flinstone … to Zombie Lucy & Ricky … to Glenn from The Walking Dead … to many, many regular zombies … to people who smear makeup and blood on their face and clothes and come out to have fun! Everything is welcome. (For costume and makeup enthusiasts, we WILL have a contest for some great prizes like tickets to the Chicago Zombie Prom!)

2. Will it be the same route this year?
No. It will still be in Andersonville, and it will go from south of Foster all the way up to Bryn Mawr – on Clark.

3. How much is it?
The Zombie Pub Crawl is $25 if you pre-register, and $30 on the day of, which includes a t-shirt, 2 free tickets to any pH show, keepsake cup that you will need to take to all the bars, and a bag to put it all in. In addition, you will need money for as much beer or drinks as you want at each bar. (It is pay per drink, but we have amazing specials).

4. Can I get a t-shirt?
Yes, it is included in your registration fee. If you want additional t-shirts they are $10. Available while supplies last at the Crawl and at The pH Comedy Theater (1515 W. Berwyn Ave). Also we have a limited number of shirts from last years Crawl that will be available for $10.

5. What are the hours of the Crawl?
We aren’t your zombie mothers so we can’t tell you when to go home, we suppose once you are full on human brains. However, the official hours for the crawl are 2PM-9PM. Still early enough to take off your zombie makeup and go cause some real trouble.

6. Can I bring kids, is it a family event?
No. There is no such thing as zombie children, no matter how much you argue. Its just gross.

7. What happens at 2PM?
That’s when we start registering you, the earlier you get there the sooner you can get your BEER-AINS on. We will also have makeup artists to help if need be.

8. Do I need to bring cash?
Yes. Some of our participating bars are cash only, so be sure to have some drinking cash on hand.

9. Will the Zombie Pub Crawl provide free drinks?
No. Sorry, but there will be zombie specials at each bar!

10. Do I have to do my own makeup?
No. Our friends at Fantasy Costumes will be providing makeup services for a range of fees. But, if you want to get to crawlin’, we recommend applying our own makeup at home. The makeup line at home base gets long sometimes.

11. What bars are we going to?
Our bars this year are amazing. Some old goodies, and some new kids. The bars include: Sofo Tap, Simon’s, Andersonville Brewing, @mosphere, Replay, and The Call.

12. Where can I get zombie makeup and supplies?
Go to Fantasy Costumes at 4065 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago and receive a 20% discount off your gear when you mention the Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl at the register! You can also use this coupon code for an online purchase: ZOMBIE2016

13. Can I pick up my t-shirt, cup and bag beforehand?
Yes. There will be an early pick up on Friday, May 13th from 6-9 PM at the pH Comedy Theater.